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About Me/Education:

My name is Brooks Austin, and I am a 18 year old full-stack software developer. I went to and graduated from Oxford High School, and still live in Oxford today. From there, I did not take the ordinary route to become a full-stack software developer. Instead of attending a 4 year university, I attended an 11 month long coding academy, called Base Camp Coding Academy. While there I worked individually, and in groups of peers, to learn and practice certain professional and technical skills that have prepared me for a real world job.


My technical skills consist of 9 languages and frameworks. The languages that I know are Python, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, DJango, Spring, SQL, and Bootstrap. With these languages I have made many projects, and have developed my skills to be competent and work well in a work environment with other software engineers.

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My Projects:

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Email: brooks.austin6035011@gmail.com
GitHub: BcaustinGithub
LinkedIn: ...